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Make 2019 a productive year: How to get your affairs in order

Make 2019 a Productive Year!

Here’ s a list of things you need to complete this year to get your affairs in order.

1.) Find out how much your home is worth – you don’t need an appraisal to do this, you can find out this information online through the property tax portal.

2.) Find out how much is owed on your home – this will help you create realistic goals for paying off your home.

3.) Pay off your mortgage – if possible, or plan to pay it off sooner than later.

4.) Find out your personal net worth – retrieve bank statements from all your financial institutions and find out how much you currently have saved.  This will help you set goals for better saving habits.  

5.) Update your beneficiaries on all your financial accounts – this can be done at your financial institutions for free. 

6.) Get ahold of your credit card debt  – retrieve an updated statement and make a plan to pay it down or off. 

7.) Organize all important documents – this will prevent chaos in an emergency situation, make sure your folders are labeled and in a fireproof lockbox.  Also, let your family know where to find these documents just in case they need access to them.

8.) Prioritize your health this year – take time to get a regular check up, go to the dentist or get that pain checked out that you’ve been neglecting.

9.) Be kind to someone in 2019- often times we forget about others, take this year to make amends with friends or family and help someone in need.

10.) Protect your home – prioritize your estate planning and protect your assets. 

Estate Planning is the new sexy!