The law office of Theodore London is proud to announce a partnership with leading attorney Cannon Lambert to represent victims of car accidents.

Attorney Theodore “Ted” London

Chicago’s Best Estate Planning Attorney represents client throughout Chicagoland in both State and Federal matters. The Firm’s clientele includes business Owners, Churches, government officials, Non-for-profit organizations, investors, and individuals.

Cannon D. Lambert, Sr., Esq.

Cannon is a highly skilled, well-respected trial attorney who aggressively seeks justice and real compensation for his clients. In his career, Cannon’s cases have often received national attention. He recovered over a half million dollars for a father mistakenly locked in a visitor’s room at the Cook County Jail. Cannon represented Sandra Bland (a woman wrongfully arrested and then found dead in a Texas jail cell) and not only obtained 1.9 million dollars for the family but also forced policy changes in a manner never done before.

It doesn’t matter to Cannon if a case is high profile or not. Whether he is resolving a case for $5 million, as he did against the Chicago Transit Authority, or seeking policy limits in a fender-bender, Cannon fights for his clients in all situations.